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Wheel Of Fortune

It is the flagship game of casinos such as, the first entertainment having surveyed the rooms where the rich bourgeoisie and the elite of our society met to spend their fortune and have a good time. But the wheel has changed. Not only is she now represented by many variations, but can also play on the internet via online casinos, offering a secure environment in 3D. The first model of roulette was founded in France in the 17th century by the mathematician and philosopher Blasé Pascal.

The latter studied the rotational motion of a ball and still had imagined a cylinder by giving it the function of single track. But the invention was quickly diverted by the first casino operator in Paris, who were born since the 1800s.

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The roulette has 36 numbers and boxes zero and double-zero was introduced in 1845 by François Blanc, the top casino owner sublime Hamburg. But roulette exports beyond the borders of Germany and besieged including the United States, where new thoughts variants were then marketed. Roulette does not survive the advent of the internet and was digitized in 2000. It is one of the major products of online casinos to date.

Roulette also nicknamed, has gave birth to a large number of innovative variations through the ages. roulette has 37 numbers (0 box included) is the safest and most reassuring variants. Other major variations of roulette, there is the Roulette. It combines the French shelf with made but no different in terms of layout boxes. Unlike roulette, only seven punters can indulge in some of Roulette.

Roulette is one of the latest versions of the game: it is very innovative in the sense that the cylinder has a square double 0! The risk of losing money is more important to the players! Finally, the Mexican roulette, particularly exotic, but the ball-a simplified version of the original game, conquered the heart of many gamers!