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This type of video poker tournament is commonly used on satellites to get packages for the Main Events of major tournaments, having at least a guaranteed ticket and later because of the number of participants, and recharges made repurchases set if there are more packages winners and if there are jobs that a monetary amount as a consolation prize. Steps tournaments can have any configuration (freeze out or rebury), but the difference is that the awards are not usually in cash, but the possibility of winning the top level of play.

This model is frequently used tournaments to get tickets for important events, starting in the Step. Perhaps this name is known by few players, but if we speak of "video Poker" are many people who come to them a good memory because some items in cash giddy and full of action. Zoom is the latest venture of video Poker Stars, a game with the same characteristics as the late Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker, where each hand the player sits at a different table.

The main value that attracts this game is that when a player decides to fold a hand, is transferred directly to another table where they begin a new play without having to wait for the other players at the table to finish the previous hand.

When someone leaves the table and his name remains known only when it's your turn. Thus the number of hands that can be played increases exponentially because if you do not want to play a hand in 1 or 2 seconds have received other letters in another table entirely. A safe bet video Poker Stars is already attracting poker lovers. Free rolls are free tournaments offer players the chance to get real prizes. Normally Awards tickets are usually participate in other tournaments, or to gain access to dispute a satellite to a major tournament. Normally free rolls are not open to the public, but it is often necessary to participate pay frequent player points made in the room to play video poker tournaments.