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Nowadays, just do some 'research on the Internet and you can quickly discover which websites are serious, but that can be said of a new one Well in this case we should pull out the radar and study them well. If your casino has a graphic and make it worth a look, forget it. Two, if the site and software are in Italian and customer service in your native language is fine. If I were you I would do also a test to see if the numbers are and if someone responds to your requests. Know about binary options here

Four, pay attention to the selection of games and if the slots are in large numbers is a good sign. Five and not of little importance, and if we stop the banking Kneeler, Money bookers, Click2Pay, Papal, Click and Buy and Entropy are on the list of payment methods born then your site is serious, and should not be missed even the options of the bank and some debit cards.

Last thing to see: the bonus. If they are too big there is something wrong, if they are too small anyway. Do you have to be within the average of the most common bonus sites, online gambling, in large lines. If we go there: the test was successfully passed, missing only this, I hope you enjoy!

To play online casinos like, our advice is always to choose the online casino certificates. Online casinos are distinct from land-based casinos certified for the long lines that need support and the many delays in payments.

The online gambling legal casino in Italy must follow these laws and regulations, the financial police protection and supervises casinos and online casinos, acting promptly in cases of irregularities with the closing of the web platform for online gaming.