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Roulette Systems : Smart Betting Methods

Some of the roulette systems that have been used since the invention of casino gaming


When you’re patient, so do you make money; online gambling is all about trying as much as you can to have your luck land. When it comes to roulette, sometimes waiting for luck to set in would be a hard task, since you have only 47% chance to have the ball land on a red for each and every spin. This is why you need to learn some of the roulette systems that would make that win come faster and a good casino to practice these strategies is luckynugget casino- where the brand offers free and real money games.


These are betting methods that are used in roulette to make a win. These are basically progressive betting systems that are used to make even money bets at the table. These bets are not exactly even; if they were, the casino would have zero house edge. These even money bets are made on odd or even numbers, as well as the red and black bets in roulette.

Martingale betting system is by far one of the most popular betting methods. This is because it is simple and easy to learn. Here, you need to place even money bet. For instance, you could make $5 bet on black, if the ball lands on black, wallah! You will have won $5. If the ball does not land as you had predicted in the bet that will be a loss. According to this, you need to double your initial $5 bet to recover your losses and get ahead on the upcoming bet. The same method applies, in case of a loss, you double the next bet. In an event of a win, you get back to the initial $5 bet.

Parlay System

This is another strategy that is very easy to learn. What you need to do when using this method is picking the betting amount you are good with and the amount of money you wish to win. This system is entertaining as you do not make even bets and you shoot to larger winnings. The bets you make are on a ratio of 35/1 payout bets and so on. This is the reason it is loved across a greater sections of gamblers.

Labouchere system

The strategy is also known as the cancellation system or the split martingale. This is not a strategy that roulette players use often. This requires the player to decide on an amount they want to win. When the game starts, the player makes a bet of the sum amount of the first and last number. If he wins, he crosses the numbers. In case of a loss, the amount is added to the right side of the list. This continues until the player is out of money or after he has crossed all the numbers. This sounds a little complicated right? Try out Martingale and Parlay as they seem easier to me.