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21 Blackjack Game

It 'important to note that the dealer must adhere to the strict rules: it is forced to fish if the value of his hand is less than or equal to 16, but must remain if it is equal to or greater than 17. Each player has rather wide range of choice, and may decide to draw card at any time deemed appropriate, although care was taken not to exceed the fateful 21. Can also decide whether to split your hand, doubling down on, surrender or insure against a dealer's blackjack, all options have advantages but also inevitably risks.

This is the most important section is dedicated only to those already familiar with both the regulation that the various periods of the game, in short, before catapult you into the world of tricks recommended by the experts, make sure you thoroughly and memorized all the rules.

In blackjack strategy is almost everything, what remains is luck, but in this respect there is little to do, so you should always have a clear vision of the game and know how to act in all circumstances. Experience helps a lot, and then during the games usually fails to improve, and it is the experience of the great champions who learn the tricks to get the best results.

There is well-targeted strategies, such as those that facilitate the task of counting the cards, in this regard were also published books since the '60s, some of them, such as the best-selling Throb entitled "Beat the dealer" or to Ken Sutton "The great player", have enjoyed incredible success and have become points of reference for a large number of fans.

Other strategies are generic and cover the entire course of the game, then help the player understand how to bet in any event, in this way you can know when to fish and when to stand, when to  double down and when to split and so way.